London Ambulance Service Feedback Survey

Complete our feedback survey sharing your experiences with the London Ambulance Service in the past 12 months. The survey opens on Thursday 1st December and closes on Wednesday 11th January at 12pm. All entrants will have the chance to win a £50 One4all voucher.
Ambulance parked outside A&E

Have you used the London Ambulance Service (LAS) in the past 12 months?

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The London Ambulance Service NHS Trust (LAS) has invited us to provide input on how to shape their new organisational strategy for 2023-28.

LAS provide medical care to patients across London by responding to 24-hour emergency 999 calls and urgent 111 calls.

We have created a survey to gain insight and feedback on your experience with using LAS. The survey includes questions about 999 and 111 services. Responses will be collected to gauge the general thoughts and feelings people have towards the LAS and to understand what LAS is doing well and where there are areas for improvement. Your responses are vital as they will be used to feed into the five-year London Ambulance Service strategy for 2023-28.

For more information about the survey please see our poster below. You are welcome to print and/or share this poster with your friends, families, and service users.


The survey is open to the public on Thursday 1st December and closes on Wednesday 11th January at 12pm.

If you can spare a few moments of your time to complete our survey, you will have the chance to be entered into a prize draw to win a £50 One4all voucher!

Survey Link