Junior Doctors to Hold 4 Days of Strikes from Aug 11th

NHS services will be under a huge amount of pressure leading up to and during these strikes. Hospitals will do everything they can to keep disruption to a minimum and will prioritise patients who need urgent and emergency care.

If you do not require urgent or emergency care, you can get help by using these NHS services:

NHS 111: Fully trained health professionals are available, 24/7, to help if you need medical help or advice, or you are unsure about whether you should go to hospital. You can contact NHS 111 online, or by calling 111.

Your GP: The majority of practices in NW London will remain open during the strike, though many will be under increased pressure. Do continue to attend your GP and dental appointments unless you have been contacted and told otherwise. Don’t forget you can use the online consultation form on the practice website.

Pharmacy: Pharmacists are trained health professionals who can help with your medication questions and minor health concerns. Many offer private consultations without an appointment, and can advise where to get further help if you need it.

It is important that patients who do need urgent medical care continue to come forward. If you are experiencing a life-threatening medical emergency, you should still attend A&E or call 999.


Appointments – You will be contacted by the NHS if your appointment needs to be changed. If you do not hear anything, please make sure you attend your appointment as scheduled.