Patient Experience Report 2021-2022 Quarter 4

Read the report on patient feedback collected between January and March 2022 and the key findings emerging from the data.

What is a Patient Experience Programme?

Our patient experience programme gathers feedback from patients accessing health and social care services in Hammersmith & Fulham. From the feedback, we produce a quarterly report that analyses the data and summarises the key findings.

Patients are asked to give the service an overall star rating between 1 and 5 (1 = Very Bad, 5 = Very Good).  For each feedback collected, our trained volunteers apply sentiments (positive, neutral, negative) and key themes. The main themes are Access to Services, Administration, Staff, and Treatment and Care.

Since May 2021 we have been able to gradually resume face to face visits to GP surgeries and combine these with remote methods of engagement including direct telephone interviews and collating online reviews.

Key Findings:

  • GP services 

    The majority of negatively themed comments within a patient GP surgery this quarter related to difficulties in booking appointments, unanswered calls, unable to speak to receptionist through the phone and the length of time that they had to wait for their appointment to take place.

  • Hospital Services (Imperial College NHS Trust) 

    Our findings indicate that Imperial College NHS Trust can further improve by reducing the length of time that individuals have to wait for their hospital appointment, as 46% of the reviews relating to the Access to services theme this quarter were negative in sentiment.

  • Hospital Services (Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust) 

    In total 76% of the reviews referencing the Treatment and Care theme were positive, with 78% of the reviews referencing the Experience in Care sub-theme being positive in sentiment.  This quarter the number of positive sentiments for Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust have increased. The theme Staff also received a positive sentiment with 72% of the reviews being positive in sentiment.

  • Pharmacy Services 

    Overall, H&F patients/service users are satisfied with the Staff Attitudes at their respective pharmacies and are happy with the way that the service, and concurrently their prescriptions, are being managed. However, it seems that there are some issues around the Waiting Times sub-theme as patients/service user have to wait longer than desired for their prescriptions.


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Patient Experience Report 2021-2022 Quarter 4

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