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    Become a patient safety partner for Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.
  2. Report -

    Read the report on patient feedback collected between January and March 2022 and the key findings emerging from the data.
  3. Report -

    Report on our two Enter & View visits to the Charing Cross Hospital Discharge Lounge in March 2022.
  4. Advice and Information -

    Find out the signs and symptoms of monkeypox, what to do if you think you have it and who is eligible for a vaccine.
  5. News -

    North West London NHS to contact parents to offer children aged 1-9 a polio vaccine booster.
  6. News -

    NHS to offer a booster jab that targets the original strain as well as the Omicron variant.
  7. Advice and Information -

    Read here what help is available for residents in H&F who are struggling with the increase in cost of living.
  8. Advice and Information -

    When you need specialist NHS support, like hospital tests or treatment, you often need a referral from your GP first. Find out what this includes and what to expect.
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    Read about our work as well as the latest local health and social care news.
  10. Report -

    Read the report on patient feedback collected between April and June 2022 and the key findings emerging from the data.
  11. Report -

    Read the report on patient feedback collected between July and September 2022 and the key findings emerging from the data.
  12. News -

    Complete our feedback survey sharing your experiences with the London Ambulance Service in the past 12 months. The survey opens on Thursday 1st December and closes on Wednesday 11th January at 12pm. All entrants will have the chance to win a £50 One4all voucher.
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    Read about our work as well as the latest local health and social care news.
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    Healthwatch Hammersmith and Fulham has launched a new survey to find out the experiences of local residents that have recently used the social prescribing service in the borough. Please take a few minutes to share your story with us.

    The survey closes on Friday 31st March at 12pm.
  15. News -

    The proposal to bring together most routine inpatient orthopaedic surgery in North West London in a new centre of excellence at Central Middlesex Hospital was approved on Tuesday the 21st of March by NHS North West London.
  16. Report -

    London Ambulance Service commissioned Healthwatch organisations across London to undertake engagement activities to collect feedback that will contribute to the development of their new strategy. Here you can read the findings from the feedback collected by Healthwatch Hammersmith & Fulham.
  17. Advice and Information -

    What is dandruff and how can it be treated? Our Engagement and Projects Officer, Chloe, explores.
  18. News -

    We're asking residents across H&F to take a few minutes to tell us what health and social care issues matter most to you.
  19. Report -

    We are delighted to publish our Annual Report for 2022-23. Read about the work we carried out throughout the past year and the impact we made in the local community.
  20. News -

    The NHS is in the process of creating a new health and care strategy for the eight
    boroughs of North West London, including Hammersmith and Fulham, and they want input from residents regarding the plan so far and what is important to the local communities. Share your views and be in for the chance of winning a £100 voucher!
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    Measles cases are on the rise in London and North West London. Make sure your child is up to date with their MMR vaccines.
  22. News -

    Upon a recent inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC)*, maternity services at Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital has maintained its “outstanding” status.
  23. News -

    NHS services will be under a huge amount of pressure leading up to and during these strikes. Hospitals will do everything they can to keep disruption to a minimum and will prioritise patients who need urgent and emergency care.
  24. Blog -

    Healthwatch Hammersmith and Fulham has just launched a new questionnaire to find out how the ongoing rise in the cost of living is impacting local people’s access to health and social care in Hammersmith and Fulham, and the effect this has on their health and wellbeing. We want to know how people in all areas of the borough are affected, and to help ensure rising costs are not a barrier to healthcare.

    Complete our questionnaire for a chance to win a £25 voucher!
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    Please note: A Consultants' strike is taking place from 7am on Thursday 24 August, until 7am on Saturday 26 August. Some health services might be affected. Contact us or NHS for support.
  26. Blog -

    Find out about Melissa Cohen's experience of working with Healthwatch Hammersmith and Fulham during her 6-week internship this summer!
  27. Blog -

    NHS England is moving forward the timetable for the autumn COVID-19 and flu vaccine rollouts to next week due to a new Covid variant. Find out if you're eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine.
  28. Blog -

    Eligible Hammersmith and Fulham residents can now book life-saving autumn Covid and flu vaccines online as the NHS steps up its winter vaccination programmes early in response to the risk of the new Covid variant.
  29. Blog -

    The campaign aims to spread public awareness of the different roles within a GP practice's scope that can best help patients. From the GP themself, to a physiotherapist, to a clinical pharmacist, getting a person to the best possible help can look different than just seeing the GP.
  30. Blog -

    Healthwatch Hammersmith and Fulham has extended the deadline of its cost of living and health survey to Sunday 19 November, 5pm. This is to hear from more young people aged 18-24 as this is an important cohort that we have not heard enough from so far.
  31. Advice and Information -

    A year ago the Accessible Information Standard came into force. It requires any organisation providing NHS or social care to communicate in a way that everybody can understand. Here's a reminder of what you should expect.
  32. Advice and Information -

    Do you struggle to speak to your doctor about your medical concerns? You’re not alone. Take a look at our top tips to make the most out of your GP appointment.
  33. Advice and Information -

    Five things you should expect from home care, domiciliary care or help in the home.
  34. Advice and Information -

    How can I get the most out of my next visit to the dentist? Take a look at our tips to help you prepare for your appointment and make sure you understand your treatment and how much it will cost.
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